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I'm a home maker and like most women I like to make many unadultrated daily use products at home. I make use of home ingredients which are Herbal, Natural & Organic. Along with home ingredients I take help of aromatherapy or essential oil therapy. These are oil extracts from plants which are therapeutic in nature. My products are for external use which include massage / topical application & inhalation. Most of these products are chemical, perfume & paraben & sulphur free. In my kitchen I make varities of Soaps, environmental friendly Soy Wax Candles with pure essential oils, Therapy Oils, Stress & Anxiety Reduction Oil Blends, Hormone Balancing products, all types of Skincare products, and natural home fragrance products etc.

The roots of Shivani and The Healing Touch story are in Shivani’s childhood. Her childhood was a contrast of listening to both versions of the modern-day skincare creams and the ancient Indian Ayurveda based skincare. Shivani’s mother ran a beauty salon, trained by the Shahnaz Hussian Institute. During summer vacations, Shivani also remembers talking to her grandmother who wrote articles about homemade skin and beauty products in local newspapers - Khubsurati ke nuske aapke Kitchen Se! Additionally, she would read all of her mother’s journals on aromatherapy, purely out of curiosity. Shivani’s heart was always drawn to learning more but she never realized this could lead to a career for her in the long run! Several years later, Shivani’s needs for aromatherapy products started, this time as a consumer herself - but her mother had stopped her practice by then. All through Shivani’s pregnancies & after deliveries, she felt the need for extra support of therapeutic oils for herself & her kids. She really wanted someone to customize oils for her according to her needs. On & off she would buy essential oils from places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, or Munnar - a shopping spree during vacations! She already knew it’s benefits and how to use them, so it was easier for her to buy the right products. By 2018, Shivani’s hormones had started troubling her a lot and her doctor advised her that the main problem was not her uterus or hormones but her reaction to stress. Doesn’t it feel the same for many of us? Our lives are so full of stress, and sometimes our reaction cannot be controlled. Shivani, just like many of us, wanted to conquer her depression and anxieties. She immediately thought of aromatherapy essential oils as a solution! Luckily, she found some of her mother’s journals and notes on Aromatherapy in an old case. And that’s how Shivani started experimenting with aromatherapy for hormone balance & cold allergies. Her experiment was fruitful! The only thing Shivani used to forget was using oils regularly. One day she came across a homemade soap recipe where they used essential oils for pigmentations. And so another idea was born: aromatherapy soaps! This ensured she does not forget to use them daily and benefits from essential oils regularly. After that, she made hair oil for her daughter’s hair fall and that also was successful. Shivani was then fascinated by coffee cellulite & tanning reduction recipes & created her first coffee scrub. She learned about the mix of essential oils with Epsom & other salts for body pain reduction and used it to her advantage. Her parents once went to Scandinavian countries & got magnesium sleeping cream to regulate her sleep. And she fell in love with that, enough for her to attempt creating it! A lifelong learner that Shivani is, in the pre-YouTube era, she attended classes to learn to make aromatic candles as well! Finally, it was time for The Healing Touch to come to life for others. Shivani began showcasing her products for the first time in 2019. Thanks to many e-commerce sites she bought her initial raw materials from there. Through social media she came across many local vendors for cold press oils, soap ingredients selling factories, raw wax suppliers, wholesale jar sellers, etc. It’s an age of e-commerce & that helped her search vendors & meet several of her clients. The e-world also helped her get in touch with people who keep giving her ideas & recipes to solve different problems. Society exhibitions helped her business thrive. Shivani’s Healing Touch is a blessing for many friends and clients. Not just because of the amazing products Shivani has to offer. But because Shivani is always keen to help her clients to solve their problems with her products and knowledge in aromatherapy. Saffron Serum oil is one such example. She has a generous smile each time she speaks with her clients because she understands the problems well, she is empathetic towards them. For example, if one is sad, or a child who is overactive or someone has irregular periods or menopause disturbances or lack focus in life - Shivani tried to customize her products so that her clients don’t have to suffer. She says, “one can use soaps, balms, hair oils, roll on oils, or even use candles to help ease pain and uplift mood. Similarly, if one has a skin problem like acne, breakouts, or pigmentation then they can use rose water toner or face & body buttercreams or aloe vera gel creams or scrubs depending upon their skin type or need. Soaps & oils are always a good solution!”. Shivani continued to launch new products like a potpourri for their bathrooms or fresheners for wardrobes but customized them according to her client’s preferred fragrances. Shivani is grateful to all her friends & clients who kept motivating her to make new products or improve her products. She also feels grateful toward a lot of potential clients who didn’t give her business initially as she didn’t have a website or even labels on her products. Every person that she met since the launch of The Healing Touch has taught Shivani, how to do business and be successful in her art and craft of home-made aromatherapy products! What we can take away from Shivani’s story, is to learn with every opportunity that comes our way, and extend the healing touch of our ideas and learning to others...

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