Aromatic candle


Aromatic candle in Violet color fog glass. This candle is made from environment friendly vegetable Soy Wax (white in color) and pure essential oils. It Comes with 2 wicks to reduce candle tunnel. Can last for 48+ hours as it burns slowly. Best for home decoration & gifting purposes._x000D_

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    2. Lavender – It’s the most loved fragrance. This fragrance helps to reduce stress, one enjoys a good nights sleep and relax well, as it calms our nerves.


    1. Sea Breeze– This fragrance will remind you of a beach holiday. It brings freshness to your home and helps fade away the bad or stinging smells.


    1. Woody Love – it’s more of a musky & wood fragrance. Masculine dominated in nature. Women find it very alluring. Makes your house & bathrooms smell awesome.


    1. Jasmine– that’s a romantic & flowery fragrance. Brings a blissful and happy feeling to your environment.


    1. Vanilla– Vanilla brings a homely feeling. One feels they have come in a bakery full of cakes & fresh made pastries. It’s the second most loved fragrance after lavender.


    1. Citrus Orange– this fragrance helps bring freshness & clean feeling to your house. It help elevate the mood and removes anxiety.


    1. Lemongrass– that’s a Chinese & Oriental fragrance. Helps to repel mosquitoes. If there is any musty smell in the environment it helps to change it & brings freshness in its place.


    1. Green Apple– it’s a fruity fragrance. Helps to elevate your senses and brings calmness to your environment.




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